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Anne Marie Canning

Mitch Kleinstein of MDK Construction can receive no higher recommendation than the one from us. He was responsible for the construction and finishing of our property in the Windsor Arms Apartments.

My recommendation is simple: hire this company if you want the job done right. Mitchell and his team are highly skilled professionals and creative thinkers which makes it a pleasure to deal with them on every level. The project was handled on time, on budget , with no errors, nothing to fix, or leftover ‘punchlist’ construction. 

While most building projects are considered troublesome, this one was an absolute pleasure, made all the more so by his professionalism and good humor. It is indeed rare to work with an individual to whom design challenges are “not a problem”.  I give them the highest recommendation possible.

Kohn Shnier Architects

MDK lead by Construction manager Mitch Kleinstein, was an instrumental collaborator on the success of the project.  Mitch has a hands-on approach to managing projects.  One of his strengths was understanding the design philosophy and objectives early on and setting a high standard for construction.  There are several key alignments and issues of material coordination that takes this project beyond one of controlling logistics and budgets.  Mitch was able to anticipate potential conflicts in advance, and when issues or problems came up on the site, his aim was to resolve them as personably as possible.  We really enjoyed working with MDK and the outcome of the project demonstrates that partnership.  

Cynthia Evans

We have worked with Mitch and his team on four consecutive renovations, and the fact that we keep returning to him should speak volumes.  He is extremely timely in his responses, and outstanding problem solver, honest and wonderful to work with.  His budgets are always carefully prepared, and if an expense looks like it may go higher than projected, you are always given a heads up.  Without hesitation, we highly recommend him. 

J Kofman

We built two custom homes with Mitch one in 2002 and one in 2012. He was involved every step of the way from looking at the property before purchase To participating in architectural, design and landscape meetings. Not only did he meet timelines but he came within budget. He and his trades were professional, respectful of our home and responsive. He continues to service the home when needed. We wouldn't hesitate using him again or recommending him. Mitch is an honest, personable, collaborative and knowledgeable builder, contractor and friend.

J Solursh

Our choice of builder was the single most important decision in our process as we understood the amount of work we would have to devote to building a new house. We had many criteria in choosing the right builder, but most important was someone who would be approachable, easy to work with and understood how things ought to be built.  As odd as that may sound, not all the people we met really understood how things work and how they should be built.  

Mitch was a pleasure to work with.  His trades worked hard and provided a high level of detail and finish.  Mitch takes pride in his work, knows how to build things and most of all wants to see happy clients.  If we were to build again we would be talking with Mitch

Ron & Pam Jones

Both Ron and I were thrilled with the construction of the condo and later, the total renovation of our home.  Your professionalism, terrific suggestions, timeliness of getting the jobs done and on budget was more than we could ask for.  We were thrilled to work with you both and will definitely do it again.


To anyone who may be contemplating working with MDK Construction, both Ron and myself would not, under any circumstance, hesitate to recommend Mitch.  We respect his enthusiasm and the professional manner in which he got the projects completed.

D Goldhar

The quality of the work and the trades people made for an experience that had few moments of stress.


Mitch has become a dear friend that I know will always be there for issues that might pop up. That should make everyone dealing with him, in the future feel “real comfy”.


Whoever decides to use MDK Construction as their contractor, will get a home to be proud of.

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